Graduate Enhancement Training Sarawak (GETS) interns at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre

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We wish to thank all four Graduate Enhancement Training Sarawak (GETS) interns, namely, Grace Gedung, Diana Izzati Abdul Rahman, Jasmin Farhana Hanafi@Hanifi and Samantha Valerie Furzanne Jamie for their dedication and commitment during their internship at SBC. 

The GETS interns were attached to different sections and had completed a 12-month internship at SBC. GETS program was initiated by the Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence (SCOPE) in collaboration with the Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service in the year 2019 with the objective to provide on-the-job training for Graduates to acquire industry-relevant skills and enhance employability as well as upskilling graduates’ competencies.  SBC is one of the participating agencies that supported the program.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my internship in SBC and now I have gained valuable experiences under my belt. Plenty of practical experience is the best, and this internship has given me the hands-on experience I need.’ Diana Izzati Abdul Rahman, GETS interns (Extraction Laboratory). 

We wish you all the best in your future undertakings!

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Industrial Trainees, February 2019


I'm Kippi Dinny Nosin, a final year student and currently taking up Diploma in Agrotechnology & Bio-Industry of Politeknik Sandakan, Sabah. I would like to express my gratitude towards Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for accepting my industrial training application. It is a great opportunity to be an internship student here in SBC and I will be doing my internship for 5 months.

Industrial Trainees of 2018

Anatassia Binti Johari

Anatassia Binti Johari
Diploma in Industrial Chemistry
UiTM Sarawak Kampus Samarahan 2

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards SBC for accepting my industrial training application. I was accepted to undergo my training for 3 months. I've just entered my second month of training and it had already been a great pleasure.

I was attached to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. But during my training, I was not the only one assigned there. Since the first week, I was already taught about the cycle of the process. From plant preparation, extraction and analysis while assigned in various laboratories.

The reason why I enjoyed it all so much was because of the hands-on experience that I get. The theories I've been learning all this while was applied accordingly together with new advices and new techniques that were taught to me by the staff.

Thus, not to mention the amazingly friendly and helpful staffs in SBC. They have been such great mentors and stands as great role-models.

My training experience here will for sure helps me adapt in the real work situation in the future. I also feel encouraged to be a part of a biodiversity community.

Kathleen Gupie

Kathleen Gupie
Diploma in Industrial Chemistry
UiTM Sarawak Kampus Samarahan 2

Hi. I’m Kathleen Gupie, a final year student and currently taking up Diploma in Industrial Chemistry from UiTM Kampus Samarahan 2. It is a great opportunity to be an internship student here in SBC and I will be doing my internship for 3 months.

Even though I’ve been here for only 5 weeks, there was a lot of experiences that I gained and I also learned new thing especially from Analytical Chemistry Lab, Extraction Lab and Preparation Lab. I also experienced things that I’ve never done and gained knowledge about plant characteristics and how it looks like. I hope for the upcoming weeks, there will be more opportunities here in SBC.

Also, I would like to thank all the SBC staff for the experience that you give me and willing to teach me. Hope I can use it in the future.

Hope to see you again, wishing for the best.

Wong Chung Hung

Wong Chung Hung
Bachelor of Bioindustrial Science
University Putra Malaysia Campus Bintulu Sarawak

I am a third-year student of Bachelor of Bioindustrial Science in University Putra Malaysia Campus Bintulu Sarawak. I would like to thank SBC for giving me the opportunity to conduct my industrial training at its centre. I was assigned to Traditional Knowledge Documentary (TK). I had learned the method of stitching the herbarium specimen which was collected from the community in Sarawak. The herbarium specimen is for future reference and keeping. Besides, I also attached to plant tissue culture laboratory and learned the procedure to do the tissue culture.

I also got the chance to go field trip with Traditional Knowledge Documentary (TK) as my industrial training period are 22 weeks in SBC. The field trip is to give awareness to the community in the rural area about the value of the biodiversity in the forest around their village.

Sabastian Jose Huge

Sebastian Jose Hugh
International College Advance Technology Sarawak (ICATS)
Diploma in Plantation Management

I would like to thank Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for accepting me to complete my industrial training here and I was assigned to Traditional knowledge and Plant Tissue Culture lab. There was a lot of new things that I learned besides what has been taught in my studies. The experiences that I had in 13 weeks are very important and something that I cannot forget. SBC also gave me the opportunity to travel to complete the task and to visit the Traditional Knowledge community.

I hope this experience and new skills that I have learned will benefiting my study at college.

Interested in conducting your industrial training at SBC? Click here to learn more.

Industrial Trainees - July 2017


Claudia Jenai Yeong
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

I was a second year student of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak when I applied to be an intern for 10 weeks in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. I was assigned to Microbiology Laboratory under Fungi section.

I had always been fascinated by microorganisms. It’s amazing how such organisms are able to evolve so rapidly. SBC has given me the opportunity to uncover more about microorganisms such as fungi and actinomyces through processes such as seeding, fermentation, extraction etc. SBC has inspired me even more in my passion to pursue researching microorganisms and their abilities to improve the community.

Annie Low Mei Tin of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Annie PassportTime flies. I can’t believe that three months of my industrial training at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) had finished so fast. These three months are like a sweet dream, dream that I am longing for since I am young. Thanks SBC for helping me to have one step closer to that dream.


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