Annie Low Mei Tin of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Annie PassportTime flies. I can’t believe that three months of my industrial training at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) had finished so fast. These three months are like a sweet dream, dream that I am longing for since I am young. Thanks SBC for helping me to have one step closer to that dream.

I am currently having my Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biotechnology at UTAR, Kampar, Perak. By having industrial training in SBC, my objective of seeking a placement that allows me to utilize my knowledge and skills in biotechnology fields has achieved. Sarawak Biodiversity Centre has broadened my knowledge on biodiversity that I have ever had.

SBC practices on-the-job training for trainees, which greatly increases the chance that learnt information through textbooks and experiences will be fully assimilated. Through this training, trainees could know the jobs well and enjoy the jobs assigned, from plants processing to plant extraction and analysis.

Last but not least, it is my honor to have my industrial training at SBC. Every worker treats each other well. They are very dedicative of their jobs and always not mind to lend a hand to whom in difficulties. I enjoy my training here very much. Thus, if you are finding a company that can let you fully apply your science knowledge and with comfortable working environment, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre is your best choice. It’s my honor to serve at SBC. In SBC, we are a team! Thank you very much SBC!

Annie MB


Annie Low Mei Tin
University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
SBC industrial trainee


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