Here are recordings of animals caught on camera along SBC's Nature Trails.  What other surprises does the forest around SBC hold for us? Stay tuned!

Spiny Tailed Porcupine

Malayan porcupine

Island Palm Civet

Spot the tree shrew!

A pair of Otters

Pen Tailed Tree Shrew

Spiny Tailed Porcupine


Plantain Squirrel


Leopard Cat


Hooded Pitta

The following video depicts SBC's core functions and activities. Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in is required for the playback of the video.

The following video tells you how the five communities; the Bidayuh of Kampung Kiding, the Lun Bawang of Long Kerebangan, the Lun Bawang of Long Telingan, the Kelabit of Pa' Lungan and the Kelabit of Pa' Ukat work on the LitSara® project.