SBC’s Microalgae Collection: Promising Biotechnology Application

Broad application of microalgae had driven the commercial exploitation of their capabilities. SBC’s microalgae strains have several promising biotechnology applications that were reported in scientific findings. We have classified our collection of microalgae strains according to genus type into different biotechnology applications (green, yellow, red and white technology) referring to Kafarski (2012) guideline.

In our collection, we have a total of 313 strains that have promising application in the green industry, which involved biofuels, biofertilizer and bioremediation, followed by yellow (171),  red (68) and white industry (10). The yellow industry is focusing on the improvement of food products or the production of nutritious foods while the red and white industry is referring to medicine and human health; and bio industry, respectively. There is a total of 224 strains that are yet to unlock their potential applications.

Microalgae Library New

Kafarski .P. (2012). Rainbow code of biotechnology.Chemik. 66:814–6.

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