SBC Programmes

As stipulated in the Sarawak Biodiversity Ordinance 1997, Sarawak Biodiversity Regulations 1998 and Sarawak Biodiversity (Amendment) Ordinance 2003 and Sarawak Biodiversity (Amendment) Ordinance 2014, SBC carries out the following core functions:

  • implementing bioprospecting programmes on the State's indigenous biodiversity
  • facilitating the documentation of Traditional Knowledge on communities' management and utilization of biodiversity
  • propagating Sarawak's indigenous plants for conservation and appreciation
  • maintaining biodiversity-related databases
  • conducting biodiversity-biotechnology awareness and appreciation programmes
  • regulating biodiversity-related research with commercial potential in Sarawak through the Research Permit System
  • networking with organizations with similar interests

To implement these functions, SBC is carrying out the following programmes:

The five programmes are carried out in concordance with the statutory functions as stipulated in the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (Amendment) Ordinance 1997 with Amendments 2014


For more information, please contact us via the following details:

KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights, Semengoh, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

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