The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) Natural Product Library holds a collection of natural products systematically collected from the Sarawak rainforest. Located on the island of Borneo, the Sarawak rainforest is one of the oldest in the world and rich in biodiversity.

The SBC Natural Product Library derives its exclusive collection from unique species of indigenous rainforest plants, and microorganism from environmental samples including endophytic fungi, actinomycetes and algae.

From this pristine rainforest resource, SBC is able to provide a diverse library of leads-identifying natural products from the Sarawak rainforest for biodiscovery and research through agreements and collaborations.

Our Advantages


Exclusive and unique plants and microbial samples from the Sarawak rainforest.


Diverse natural products collection. SBC collects samples from varying geographical locations within the Sarawak rainforest including highland and lowland forests, peat swamps, hot springs and caves, as well as marine samples from the Sarawak coasts.


Systematic documentation of collected samples. Geo-tagging, bar-coding and molecular identification as well as herbarium and living specimens collection allow for fast recollection and reliable supply.


Increasing collection and extraction targets to expand the SBC Natural Product Library

Plant  Microbe 
25,888 29,755 

*figure as of January 2020

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