Testimonial by Ignatius John

Photo of Igantius JohnWork experience at SBC was a valuable time in which I got to really find out what I wanted to go into in the future. I was able to be involved in a job that really piqued my interest.

Throughout my training at SBC, I was attached to the Plant Preparation, Extraction and Analytical Chemistry laboratories. I now know what the basic procedures are for receiving plant collections from the field, to preparing them for extraction in the laboratory.

Testimonial By Chieng Siew Kee

Photo of Chieng Siew KeeI am very grateful to the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) for giving me the opportunity to conduct my industrial training here. I have gained a lot of new experiences especially through hands-on training with laboratory machines which we do have have a chance to operate in university. These experiences are vital to prepare fresh graduates like me to be competent when we go out to work.


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