Industrial Trainees - July 2017


Claudia Jenai Yeong
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

I was a second year student of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak when I applied to be an intern for 10 weeks in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. I was assigned to Microbiology Laboratory under Fungi section.

I had always been fascinated by microorganisms. It’s amazing how such organisms are able to evolve so rapidly. SBC has given me the opportunity to uncover more about microorganisms such as fungi and actinomyces through processes such as seeding, fermentation, extraction etc. SBC has inspired me even more in my passion to pursue researching microorganisms and their abilities to improve the community.


Emily Rachel Ak Aing
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas)

SBC has provided a great opportunity for me to experience the working environment in research field. It was challenging yet very valuable as I gained a lot of new knowledges and hands-on experiences. During my training, I was attached to the Microbiology Lab. I have been taught on isolation and morphological identification of actinobacteria. I have also learn on how to perform seeding, fermentation and extraction of actinobacteria.

Throughout the industrial training, I felt I have grown a lot as a scientist and a researcher. I hope that one day I could contribute to a better future of human with my knowledge in resource biotechnology and uncover Sarawak’s biodiversity, which I believe have numerous potential in science. In future, I am looking to expand my knowledge and skills in the industry to achieve a successful career as a scientist. As a budding scientist, I believe that the key to find your greatness is not being afraid of taking risks and chances in life looking for it.


Kevin Chee Kai Wen
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

It is such an honour for me to carry out my industrial training at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC). For 12 weeks in SBC, I had been attached to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory in which I learnt a lot of things. From sample preparation to data analysis, it might seem simple and yet one must master various skills to perform these tasks.

SBC’s working environment is really comfortable in which the environment is breath-taking and all the staff are friendly, which I believe are the motivations for everyone there, including me to commit as much as we do.

SBC had given me the inspiration of being a more dedicated person to do every task. In SBC, everyone has their own role and task, and the way they perform these roles and tasks are splendid. It also gave me the impression of a future working environment in which I would like to devote to.


Felicia Syupie Anak Gunong
Degree in Applied Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management),
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu(UMT)

I am student of Degree in Applied Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management) in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). SBC is the most suitable place to conduct my industrial training. At SBC, I was assigned under the Traditional Knowledge Documentation programme. I have learned a lot even it was just three weeks working at SBC. I have learned how to prepare herbarium specimens where the plants were collected from the indigenous communities in Sarawak. These herbarium specimens are used for preservation and future references.

By learning SBC’s core activities where one of it is discovering of plants to be documented and to be developed into various natural products, it increases my interest to be involved in research work in the future. When updating the plants list, I find out that there are a lot of plants that have good usages to the human especially for medicinal purposes. So, in the future I want to be someone that will be doing scientific research on plants that can be used to treat cancer.


Kimberly Anak Namig
Degree in Resource Chemistry,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(Unimas)

I am currently in my second year, taking Resource Chemistry bachelor degree in Unimas. Working in SBC make you gain new experiences in which it is important as the first step before you start to work in the real working environment. SBC is the best platform for us to apply our knowledge and skills and to work independently in the lab.

Sarawak Biodiversity Centre focuses on new discoveries in healthcare, pharmaceutical and bio-products from Sarawak’s biological resources. I am amazed with their product invention namely LitSara for personal care purposes which is using natural ingredients. Having my internship here inspired me with idea of research on biodiversity which can benefit mankind.


Kho Ying Han
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Biology),
Universiti Sains Malaysia

I am a soon-to-be final year student pursuing Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Biology) in Universiti Sains Malaysia, majoring in Botany and minoring in Management. I was attached to the Traditional Knowledge Documentation (TK) unit, and I am thankful to meet knowledgeable supervisor and helpful colleagues that are generous to share their knowledge and guided me in traditional knowledge documentation and conservation. Besides, I have got the opportunity to be attached to Plant Tissue Culture lab to gain some hands-on experience in plant tissue culture and propagation. These invaluable experiences are surely vital to us for our research work and when our future career.

I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to gain insight of the industry, besides being exposed to real working life in. We are taught to be open-minded, appreciate communication, and offer opportunities. I have also learnt the importance of conserving indigenous knowledge and appreciate our rich biodiversity.


Nur Hanis Balqis Bt Harun
Degree in Bachelor of Resource Biotechnology,
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas),

Currently, I am a student of Degree in Bachelor of Resource Biotechnology at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and was assigned to work in Microbiology Laboratory. I was given the tasks to assist in the bioassay, fungi, and actinomycetes group researches. Besides, I also learn how to do Polymerase Chain Reaction from Molecular Biology Laboratory and handing plant samples for Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.

Hopefully, it can help fresh graduates like me to increase my skills in doing lab works and handling microbes to become an excellent microbiologist as it is my passion to study and do research about the living things in the world including the small ones such as microbes.


Vest Vikkison Anak Moses
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas),

First and foremost, I would like to thanks Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for accepting me to have my industrial training here. SBC’s vision and mission has captivated my interest to be a part of innovative team at SBC.

As my training was done here, there were a lot of new things that I learn and new skills that I acquired which one of the few from many valuable experiences that I’ve had here. Apart from that, all the staff here are really outgoing and friendly which made me cherish every moment here.

As a chemistry student, I aspire to be one of the leading researcher in new breakthrough discovery in the chemistry field. As there are vast chemicals compound, the possibilities of discovering something useful towards a better life are limitless.


Vivil Anak Bakas
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas),

I was attracted and amazed by SBC's main focus which is preserving the nature and do something for it which is Traditional Knowledge documentation that gave benefits to community and SBC as well, also to the younger generation.

At the same time, I can help my community to discover and make use of the plants for both traditional and modern medication. I wish to set up some sort of organisation to conduct outreach programmes, hoping to get rural youths to know and get some knowledge of the importance of preserving natural resources.

I will try to get them interested first by revealing the benefits of natural resource and perhaps, they will come out with their own products and show them how to develop it.


Siti Nur Asmida
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

My name is Siti Nur Asmida. I am from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. In Sarawak Biodiversity Malaysia (SBC), I was assigned to Bioinformatics which is also related to Molecular Biology Laboratory.

In Bioinformatics, I was taught on how to program using one of the well-known computer programming language from controlling DNA extraction up to DNA sequencing. SBC has taught me how to build good team-work which has greatly improve research processes.

The most enjoyable part of conducting industrial training at SBC was the ability to carry out an activity that made our supervisors satisfied with the quality of the works that have been delegated to us. Indirectly, this experience contributes towards my journey to be a great scientist.


Nurjehan Ezzatul Binti Ahmad
Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering,
International Islamic University Malaysia

I'm Nurjehan Ezzatul Binti Ahmad currently studying at International Islamic University Malaysia majoring in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering. So here I am, doing my internship at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. Thanks to SBC for accepting me here! At first, I was curious what am I doing here. Because it is a research centre and I've been attached with algae research laboratory, what is an engineering student doing here? But! Wait! Being here for three months really change my perspective as an engineering student.

I work in a beautiful research centre and fully equipped laboratory. Our team carry out research on algae. I am responsible for assisting them at which I never need a hard hat or playing with a drill (which engineer usually use) - not that I wouldn’t be happy doing either. So, many people are just not aware how creative engineering is and how much it relies on communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

It is also about learning the life of the microorganisms, carry out experiments, designing and maintaining it, preserving it, and then pushing your idea a bit further which can be commercialised later.

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