Do I Need a R&D Permit?


Are you thinking or planning to conduct research project in Sarawak? And you are not sure if you need a R&D permit. This guide is intended to help you to answer this question according to the Sarawak Biodiversity Regulations, 2016.

Under the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Ordinance 1997, the Sarawak Biodiversity Council is given the responsibility to regulate research on biological resources in Sarawak and provisions on the requirement for Prior Informed Consent (PIC) as defined by the Ordinance.

Answering the following questions may help you find out whether you need a R&D permit.

  1. What type or kind of research do you intend to do?
    Research and development as declared in the Ordinance refers to any form of study, analysis, evaluation, isolation, testing, experiment, examination or screening of biological resources to determine their potential medicinal, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, nutritional or agriculture properties or qualities or their functional ingredient for any purpose including potential commercial development.

  2. Does your research involve biological resources from Sarawak?
    Biological resources includes genetic resources, organisms or microorganisms or parts thereof, population and any other biotic components of an ecosystem with actual or potential use or value for humanity and derivatives thereform, and information in relation thereto.

If your research project falls under the terms or definition as mentioned above. Then, yes, you will need to apply for a R&D permit from Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.
If still in doubt, you may send in your project proposal and we will let you know if your project requires a permit. You may download the Sarawak Biodiversity Regulations 2016.


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