Testimonial by Reynold Limbi Roland

ReynoldpassWhen I first received the acceptance letter from SBC to carry out my industrial training, I was excited because my long awaited wish was finally granted. I’m currently taking my degree in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), studying Industrial Chemistry.

At SBC I was attached to the Extraction and Analytical chemistry laboratories.

During my 9 week of my industrial training in SBC I many new things especially in Natural Product Chemistry where I was exposed to distillation of essential oil. My first experience with the distillation unit and the oils that were extracted deepened my love for chemistry and I cannot wait to learn more.

During my training I also learned to carry out plant extraction and to isolate specific compounds and purify them using a semi-preparative HPLC.

What I love most about SBC is that the people here were very cheerful, kind and friendly. I will surely miss SBC as my training comes to an end. I would definitely set my sights on becoming a part of the SBC team after I complete my studies.


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