Carolynna Buyau of National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Carolynna Buyau

When I first encountered SBC’s website, I was attracted towards its main focus which is preserving the nature and do something for the community especially on bioprospecting. I was excited when I received the acceptance letter from SBC to carry out my industrial training here and was attached at Microbiology laboratory as I am currently studying for a Degree in Microbiology at UKM. 

Throughout my training, I had learned many new things especially on actinomycetes and its unique morphology which is quite rare for me. Thus, the feelings of encountering rare microbes with rare morphology made me more excited in carrying out my training especially to sharpen up my (bacteria) streaking skills (onto solid media) and being able to describe the morphology of the microbes’ colony. Therefore, this training brings more interest and curiosity towards studies in the relationship between Microbiology and the Environment.


In Actino Room

Besides that, SBC’s staff is very nice and their warm welcome made me comfortable while working in the laboratory. Plus, the Microbiology Laboratory is always a cheerful place to work as the staff in the lab have their own way to liven things up. Never will I forget the experience when working with them especially their never ending effort to give answers to my questions or their explanations as I am a very curious person. As what Albert Einstein had said, “Never stop questioning.”

To conclude this testimony, I would like to thank the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for the opportunity and the great experience during my 10 weeks of training. Also, to all Microbiology Laboratory staff, thank you for the guidance and all the fun that we shared.

Carolynna Buyau Ak James
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Microbiology
National University of Malaysia (UKM)


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