Projek Mikroalga Pusat Kepelbagaian Biologi Sarawak (SBC) - Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)

CM group photo at ACF

SBC and MC have started their collaboration since 2012 to identify potential indigenous microalgae strains with diverse applications in biofuel, food supplement and biomass feedstock production under the consultative support from Chitose Laboratory.

Through intensive sampling and isolation processes, more than 75 genera of microalgae strains have been successfully isolated at SBC. In Year 2014, the collaboration had extended to Phase II to evaluate isolated strains for outdoor cultivation at an economic cost. A 81m2 pilot study plant was set up to study the growth rate and productivity. As a result, one of the strains was identified as the most robust strain when cultivated at outdoor.

The in-house analysis found that some strains were exhibiting high lipid production as well as carotenoid pigment. Due to the prevailing result from Phase II evaluation, the collaboration continued to Phase III in Year 2017 to expand the outdoor facility from 81m2 to 1,000m2 algae cultivation facility.

Algae Cultivation Facility is a physical setup result from the collaboration work between SBC and MC over the past 7 years.

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Click here to watch the video which was used during the launching of the facility.


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