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Planting Trees Together

On 20 June 2023, the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) and the Forest Department Sarawak (FDS) planted trees together at Sabal Forest Reserve as one of the activities to mark SBC’s 25th Anniversary and also to support the Greening Sarawak Campaign, which aims to plant 35 million trees by 2025. The primary objectives of the event were to raise awareness about environmental rehabilitation and promote the importance of reforestation.

In the event, a group of 100 participants, including SBC and FDS staff, interns and Sabal communities, planted 1,000 saplings of valuable indigenous timber species. This initiative has not only contributed to biodiversity and ecosystem restoration but has also helped in achieving the broader goals of the 'Greening Malaysia Agenda Through 100 million Tree Planting Campaign' (2021-2025).

With the cumulative number of trees planted in Sarawak now surpassing 20 million, this effort showed that the collective contributions can succeed in achieving greener and more sustainable Malaysia.

The tree planting event has also facilitated collaborative discussions between SBC and FDS which focused on exploring biotechnology-based research and development related to Sarawak's biological resources, particularly forest resources.

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