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  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Analytical Chemistry

    Extracts obtained from Extraction Laboratory and Microbiology Laboratory are sent to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for isolation and purification of compounds using various chromatographic techniques such as column chromatography, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

  • Biodiversity Make Scents - Essential Oil Project

    Biodiversity can generate a wide range of interesting natural ingredients for the development of commercially health and personal care products. Some plants produce volatile and fragrant substances that generally aromatic and possess pleasant odour and essence. Many of these plants have traditionally been used in medicines, as fragrances and flavours for food.

  • Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Actino Species Diversity

    Bioinformatics is the field of science in which biology, computer science, and information technology merge into a single discipline. The goal of the field is to enable the discovery of new biological insights as well as to create a global perspective from which unifying principles in biology can be discerned.

  • Extraction Laboratory

    All the plant samples collected from local communities will be processed at the Plant Preparation area upon arrival, which includes washing, sorting, cutting, drying and grinding.

  • Microbiology Laboratory

    The microbial world represents one of the largest untapped genetic resources in biodiversity which produce biologically and chemically unique yet diverse natural product compounds for drug discoveries. Sarawak, known for its rich flora and fauna, is anticipated  to have  rich microbial diversity.

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory Molecular Biology

    The Molecular Biology laboratory focuses on molecular genetics and in vitro cell lines screening. Techniques of modern molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics are utilised along with a full range of research tools such as a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequencer, PCR (polymerase chain reaction machine) and Cytation 3. The laboratory is also equipped for ribonucleic acid (RNA) and protein extraction works.

  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

    The Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory provides a key service along the “jungle-to-lab-to-commercialisation” axis. The focus is to establish protocols to facilitate plant propagation for research and development as well as for large scale production of raw materials for product development and commercialisation.


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