"Borneo’s Hidden Biodiversity” in conjunction with SBC’s Biodiversity Day

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On 18 May 2022, an international marine expert will reveal the remarkable and unexpected beauty of the vast diversity of parasites that live in inside sharks, stingrays, and guitarfish of Borneo. The webinar hosted by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre via zoom at 10.00am will be delivered by Dr Janine Caira, Director of Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, University of Connecticut.

The session will feature a unique glimpse into the world of parasites essentially all new to science and learn what parasites can tell us about the diversity and biology of their shark and stingray hosts. The webinar is held in conjunction with International Day for Biological Diversity which falls on 22nd May. The theme for this year is “Building a shared future for all life”.

J Caira2Dr. Caira is a parasitologist whose work is on global scale and has led to the discovery of more than 200 new species and 30 new genera, the reconfiguration of tapeworm ordinal-level relationships using both morphological and molecular approaches. She has published more than 160 papers, books, and monographs. Dr Caira’s six-year study on Borneo’s sharks and stingrays was funded by the National Science Foundation, US.

Grab this opportunity to get first-hand insights from an international expert and register via Zoom at https://bit.ly/3whsH0v.

This webinar will also be streamed live on SBC’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sarawak.biodiversity.centre. Social media users are encouraged to “Like” or “Follow” SBC’s official Facebook page for the latest updates and information.


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