Protokol Keizinan Makluman Awal (PIC)

What is Prior Informed Consent (PIC)?

The consent that is given by the community based on sufficiency of information and time before the initial plan for the project is developed in detail.

Why is it Important?

Malaysia is one of the parties in the International legal obligation:

Why do we need PIC?

When to Obtain PIC?

Collection of biological resources associated with traditional knowledge.

Timeline for obtaining PIC

In accordance with the community’s requirements and practice or shall not be less than two weeks and shall not be more than two months.

Benefit Sharing Agreement

The parties shall then negotiate and enter into fair & equitable benefit-sharing agreement:

SBC's approach in obtaining PIC:

1. Meeting with Community Leaders
To obtain permission from the community leaders during the meeting at Resident offices, district offices and sub-district offices to conduct TK Documentation project in their villages.

2. Traditional Knowledge Documentation Workshop
Permission to conduct TK Documentation Workshop through presentation on methods  of documentation through field notebook, digital recorder and digital camera are carried out before hands-on field documentation and collection.

3. Permission from Community
Permission to bring back the plants to SBC and each plant is recorded in Plant Specimen Form (as a agreement with community)

PIC Workflow

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