International expert talks on Borneo’s diverse Sharks and Stingrays and its glorious biodiversity of parasites on 23 March 2022

Did you know that sharks and stingrays, the ocean’s most iconic marine creatures are related? On 23 March 2022, an international and distinguished marine expert will share on the diversity of Borneo’s sharks and stingrays and highlight discoveries made from this region. The webinar will be hosted by the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre via zoom starting at 10.00 am.

The webinar on ‘Sharks and Stingrays of Borneo and their Glorious Biodiversity of Parasites’ will be delivered by Dr Kirsten Jensen, a Professor from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Senior Curator of the Invertebrate Zoology, Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas.  

The session will also feature a look inside these amazing marine animals’ intestines and discover the unexpectedly intriguing realm of parasites and its spectacular diversity, complex life-cycles, and the beneficial nature of the intimate associations between tapeworms and their hosts.  

Dr Jensen has published more than 70 papers, books and monographs, and delivered over 115 research presentations nationally and internationally, primarily focused on marine parasite biodiversity. She is a recipient of the H. B. Ward Medal for outstanding researcher from the American Society of Parasitologists and a recipient of the University of Kansas Scholarly Achievement Award. 

Dr Jensen has also made significant contributions to the understanding of the diversity and evolutionary history of sharks and stingrays. In addition, she was part of a team studying sharks and stingrays of Borneo and their metazoan parasites from 2002 to 2008.

Grab this opportunity to get first-hand insights from an expert and register via Zoom at This talk will also be streamed live on SBC’s official Facebook page at media users are encouraged to “Like” or “Follow” SBC’s official Facebook page for the latest updates and information. 

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