The application process starts with the submission of completed application through the Sarawak Online Research Application System (SORAS). Administrative and technical evaluations are carried out by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. (Research Application Flow Chart)

Once the Sarawak Biodiversity Council approve the research application, SBC will issue a Permit for R&D and other permits as required. The applicant is required to apply for Export Permit for R&D if the nature and specialization of the R&D can only be conducted outside of Sarawak.

Applicants are required to complete and submit the online application. User's manual is available upon registration and when log into the system.

The Sarawak Online Research Application System (SORAS) is now available and open to all research applicants. Where applicable, the relevant agencies such as the Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Economic Planning Unit Sarawak will evaluate and approve the applications.

All applications under SORAS will be reported to the Access and Benefit Sharing Technical Committee chaired by the Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resources.

To use the system, applicants must register an account and fill in the required details before submitting applications.

From now on, SBC will only accept research applications submitted through SORAS. Those who intend to conduct research in Sarawak are advised to read the User’s Manual before proceeding to fill in the Research Application Form in the System.

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