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Target: General Public
1 To respond to general enquiries on biodiversity, biotechnology and bioprospecting. 100%  100%  100%   100% 100%  100%  100%           
2 To prepare answers to oral and written questions brought up in the State Legislative Assembly within 14 working days upon receiving the questions/official instructions. No official instruction received                
3 To prepare and submit speeches for Ministers and other dignitaries within 14 working days of receiving official instructions. No official instruction received                
4 To process and make payment to creditors upon receipt of original invoice within 7 working days. 94.7%   91.4% 78.8%  86.7%   87.9%  97.4% 95.5%           
Target: Research Community
5 To respond to enquiries applications to carry out biodiversity research in Sarawak within 7 working days. 100% No enquiries received  100%  No enquiries received  100%  100%           
6 To process research applications and seek approval from the Sarawak Biodiversity Council within 30 working days from the date the application is completed. No research application received  100% No research application received No research application received    100%  100%           
7 To prepare the research agreement and necessary permits for signing within 14 working days after application is approved. No research application received    100%  100% No research application received              
8 To provide specific analytical services (cell cytotoxic assay, GCMS) within 14 working days of receiving test samples.  No sample received                 


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