Julien Elise
Julien DeVienne Elise Maudry

We are two students from the School of Engineer in Landscape and Horticulture in Angers,(FRANCE). We are very happy to realize our first internship abroad in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. During the 10 weeks period we have been working on various project related to our favorite subjects.

 Under the supervision of Research officers with the Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Documentation program, we have proposed a landscaping project that includes: a layout, model, sketches, technical drawings and budget. We have also participated in the organization and preparation of the official opening of Integrated Biodiversity Research Building (IBRB) and launching of LitSara by YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak on 13 July 2016.

We have designed a flyer that depicts the plants collected from the communities at the Laila Taib Ethnobotanical Garden.The flyer guide the prospective visitors to recognize the medicinal plants used by the communities in Sarawak and their benefits.

We had the opportunity to join a field trip for one week to be in contact with the community in Kampung Peninjau at the Rajah Brooke Heritage near Bau. This experience has enabled us to understand the differents steps equired for the collection of plants for the ethnobotanical garden. It was an unforgettable moment to see the importance of the work between SBC and the communities; working with the comminities have allowed Traditional Knowledge to be conserved.

After this rich experience to enhance our knowledge in TK, we were tasked to carry out propagation of ethnic plants ; This is an important step in the conservation of plants collected with the communities.


We would like to thank Dr. Charlie Yeo and all the staff, for their guidance during the last 10 weeks. It was a very pleasant and rewarding internship in all aspects!

Once again thank you all and long life SBC !!!

Merci Beaucoup.