Eva Bruketa Maryam Abdul Rahman
Eva Burketa Maryam Abdul Rahman

As two Life Science students at the University of Toronto, Canada working towards Bachelor Degrees in Science, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to experience the Sarawak Biodiversity Center’s Research Internship program. For four weeks we learned and worked in their facilities.

 Under the expertise of various researchers, we were taught a wide variety of protocols. These methods included DNA extraction, gene amplification through PCR, gel electrophoresis, and gene sequencing in the Molecular Biology Lab and bioassay, media preparation, and subculturing in the Microbiology Lab. Through our time at SBC, we have become much more comfortable in a lab environment thanks to their patience and encouragements - so thank you!

Eva in the molecular biology laboratory

We were also able to join the Traditional Knowledge team on an excursion to Kampung Kiding, a local village participating in the LitSara project. This allowed us to see firsthand how SBC collaborates with local communities. The mutual respect and innovation between the two parties was inspiring to witness. The project of documenting traditional knowledge so it is not lost is a massive and important undertaking that they have met with grace.

Maryam in the molecular biology laboratory

This dedication to community was also demonstrated during SBC’s annual Open Day Weekend which our trip was lucky enough to coincide with. SBC invited the public to learn about their projects and inspire future young scientists. The hardworking SBC staff once again went above and beyond to share their knowledge and love of biodiversity with their State and it definitely paid off.

We thank Dr. Charlie Yeo and his staff for giving us the ability to learn in such an enjoyable and enriching environment! We wish SBC all the best on their continuing success.