Jenny Pfeiffer – Technical University Dresden, GermanyI visited the SBC for a research internship, which was a part of my M.Sc. studies in Chemistry. During my stay I was attached to the microbe lab and my topic was occupying with isolation and identification of Myxobacteria. My field of interests are biodiversity, biochemistry and microbiology, but I was also keen to discover the unique nature of Malaysia. Thus, I could perfectly combine my interests for my research purposes in this internship.

To conduct my attempts we collected samples in Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, around 35 km away from Kuching. This was so impressive and such a great experience how they rise up all the endangered animals like Orang Utan, Bornean Leopard and Hornbill.

During stay at SBC I joined any other field trips, where I was enabled to see the Malay culture and how the SBC works together with communities to teach them about plants. I am also grateful for the participation for the teambuilding-event at Damai Beach Resort. We had three nice days with exercise and team work and I really enjoyed to learn the SBC people closer. Together with the background of the beautiful beach was it a wonderful experience.

All together I had a great time in Malaysia and learned a lot about microbes and their identification. I was introduced to the Malay culture and enjoyed the friendliness, warmness and hospitality of all the people. Thank you all for the unforgettable time I had!