The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre is a dynamic organization, going step by step , with creativity and sustainability in the future. The group is young, determined, committed.


I spent several periods at SBC mainly with the microbiologists. Each time, I did appreciate the interactions, the interest, the willing. I liked also the expeditions in that marvelous nature.

Jj2Oh so exciting to discover novel microbial taxonomic units and tasting the huge biodiversity with the SBC scientists !
Oh so interesting to develop a concept for natural products with the SBC team !
Oh so positive and motivating this energy!
Oh so great all the possibilities!
Often, I stay in one chalet at SBC, pleasant and comfortable. Oh so lovely the quite, singing, forest environment!

I should not forget the Traditional Knowledge Group which is doing systematically a key work with respect and high commitment.
Dr. Rita, previous CEO, and Dr Charlie Yeo, present acting CEO, should be honored for their spirit and vision.
My hope : to come back.
Thanks everyone for your hospitality and your support!
Oh what remembering!


Jean-Jacques Sanglier