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Friday, March 24, 2017
  • World Wildlife Day

    You can be a champion of wildlife by Dr Melvin T. Gumal Read More
  • ROPM 2017

    Winners of the Oral and Poster Presentations at the 5th SBC Research Officers' Progress Meeting with the panelists and keynote speakers (front row, L-R): Dr Aisyah Saad Abdul Rahim (USM), Prof Dr Liong Min Tze (USM) and Prof Dr Gabriel Tonga Noweg (UNIMAS). SBC's ROPM has been held annually to facilitate improvement among its Research Officers in terms of presenting their research and scientific data. ROPM2017 was held on 2 & 3 March at SBC.
  • "Serasi" Awards 2016/2017

    Teachers and students! Awards under the "Anugerah Serasi 2016/2017" are up for grabs. Make your way to Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Official Website http://www.nreb.gov.my for details to participate.
  • Our dedicated LitSara® website is now live!

    Check out http://www.litsara.com on this essential oil from a plant found in Sarawak and utilised by the indigenous communities. This website also features our online shop and we will continue to update and improve.
  • Can you spot a mouse deer here?

    Check out our cam trap recordings and see what other suprises the forest around SBC has in store for us. Read More
    Trail Cams
  • Come hike with us on our Nature Trails

    These trails promote awareness in environmental education and conservation and also aimed at providing children, students and grown ups alike a learning and experiential jungle trek. Read More
    Nature Trail Sketch 1
  • Annual Report

    We have published our Annual Report 2015. Click the button below to read or download it. Read More
    Annual Report
  • Interested in purchasing the Silvestrol for research?

    Visit www.naturesara.com for more info.
  • The LitSara® Story

    The following video tells you how the five communities; the Bidayuh of Kampung Kiding, the Lun Bawang of Long Kerebangan, the Lun Bawang of Long Telingan, the Kelabit of Pa' Lungan and the Kelabit of Pa' Ukat work on the LitSara® project. Read More
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13 March 2017: We are inviting contractors registered with Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor dan Juruperunding (UPKJ) to bid for the following tenders and quotation.

12 January 2017: Sarawak Biodiversity Regulations, 2016.

 We do not have any latest news at the moment. Thank you.

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The role of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is to carry out isolation, purification, identification and quantification of chemical components in natural product.  

Anachem Article

Extract materials from the Extraction Laboratory and the Microbiology Laboratory are sent to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for isolation and purification of compounds using various chromatographic techniques such as column chromatography, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

The laboratory is equipped with various HPLC systems ranging from analytical HPLC to semi-preparative HPLC and preparative HPLC. These enable qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis as well as isolation and purification processes.

The laboratory is also equipped with Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) for analysis of non-polar and volatile compounds. This is important for SBC's essential oil compounds analysis. SBC's team in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory strive to provide fast isolation and identification of compounds.

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