A total of 26 community representatives under the SBC Traditional Knowledge (TK) Documentation Programme participated in the Biodiversity Day & Traditional Knowledge Seminar 2018 that was held at Imperial Hotel, Kuching on 12-14 May 2018.


This year’s TK Seminar participants come from various villages which comprise of different regions in Sarawak which are the Bidayuh, Bagatan, Berawan, Bisaya, Iban, Kayan, Kedayan, Kelabit, Kenyah, Lun Bawang, Melayu, Melanau, Tanjong, Penan, Sa’ban, Salako, Tagal and Tabun.

They actively participated in both events and very supportive especially towards the TK documentation programme. They were involved in exhibition activities and attended public awareness talks that were lined up during the Biodiversity Day.

As for the two days of TK Seminar, they were exposed to the concept of plant propagation, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), herbal product development and marketing strategies that will help them in the future. Apart from that, field visits to Rampangi Integrated Research Station and SBC’s Plant Plots at Agriculture Research Centre (ARC) to expose the participants on the processes of plant management and fertigation system.

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