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Sunday, December 17, 2017
  • SBC-MC Research Collaboration Meeting

    We are honoured to have Mr Motoki Ito, General Manager of Energy Business Group CEO Office, Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo to plant a tree called Keruing kobis (Dipterocarpus confertus) after the meeting session at SBC.
    Motoki Ito
  • Latest Corporate Visit

    Datu Sudarsono Osman, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research, visiting his tree (Alstonia scholaris) he planted at SBC on 12 April 2016. Look how fast the tree had grown!
    Datu Sudar Tree
  • Community Approach to Environmental Conservation

    A public awareness talk by Dr Sam 'Ohu Gon, the Conservancy’s Hawai'i Senior Scientist and Cultural Advisor which was happening recently at the Museum Cafe, Kuching.
    Sam Ohu Gon
  • His Royal Highness Visit to SBC

    We are honoured to have His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.
    Prince Wales
  • Industrial Training Programme

    This year, SBC has received a group of industrial trainees, coming from the various field of courses. Let's read what they have to say about their training at SBC and what they inspired to be in the future. Read More
    Interns July2017
  • Genus Distribution in Microalgae Library

    SBC has one of the best Algae Library from Borneo which was set up in a collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation. Contact us if you have an interest.
    Genus Distribution
  • Can you spot a spiny tailed porcupine here?

    Check out our cam trap recordings and see what other suprises the forest around SBC has in store for us. Read More
    Spiny Tailed Porcupine
  • Come hike with us on our Nature Trails

    These trails promote awareness in environmental education and conservation and also aimed at providing children, students and grown ups alike a learning and experiential jungle trek. Read More
    Nature Trail Sketch 1
  • Interested in purchasing the Silvestrol for research?

    Visit www.naturesara.com for more info.
  • The LitSara® Story

    The following video tells you how the five communities; the Bidayuh of Kampung Kiding, the Lun Bawang of Long Kerebangan, the Lun Bawang of Long Telingan, the Kelabit of Pa' Lungan and the Kelabit of Pa' Ukat work on the LitSara® project. Read More
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5 December 2017: Sarawak Biodiversity Regulations, 2016. Read More. The latest Sarawak Biodiversity (Fees) Notification, 2017 can be viewed here.

We do not have any news at the moment. 

8 December 2017 - We are inviting suppliers registered with Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor dan Juruperunding (UPKJ) for the following quotation to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.

Assuming biodiversity is required, and talk is required, the following results were found.

  • SBC lines up series of Public Awareness Talks on 23 & 24 May

    The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) has lined up a series of interesting and exciting talks for the public during its Biodiversity Day celebrations come 23 and 24 May at its premises in Semengoh, near Kuching. On 23 May the public talks will kick off...

  • SBC Biodiversity Day 2016

    May 14, 2016, Saturday Time Activities 7.30am - 8.30am Arrival and registration of participants 8.30am - 5.00pm Plants for sale Exhibit/Sale by various agencies Fun & Games 7.30am - 8.30am Arrival and registration of participants 9.30am - 10.30am...

  • Making scents of Borneo's biodiversity

    A scented trail - A delight your olfactory senses A Borneo Talk publication: July - September 2017

  • Talk on Malaria: The Patient Approach

    The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre will conduct a talk entitled " Plasmodium vivax Malaria: The Patient Approach" on 27 September 2013 (Friday) at 3.00 pm at the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Lecture Theatre, KM 20, Jalan Borneo Heights, Semengoh. The talk...

  • Talk on Archeological Evidence of Birds and Mammals in the Niah Caves

    Sarawak Biodiversity Centre will be hosting a public talk on the Archeological evidence of Birds and mammals in NIah Caves. The talk will be presented by Dr Christopher Stimpson of the McDonald Institute for Archeological Research, University of...

  • Talk on flora species of Paya Maga

    Sarawak Biodiversity will be hosting a public talk on Flora Species of Paya Maga. The talk will be presented by Ms Ling Chea Yiing, an Environmental Excecutive from the Sarawak Forestry Corporation and it is aimed at creating awareness among members of...

  • A Public Talk "Ivory, Horn & Blood" by Dr Ron Orenstein

    Sarawak Biodiversity Centre will be organizing a public talk that will be presented by Dr Ron Orenstein entitled "Ivory, Horn and Blood" which is jointly organize with Malaysian Nature Society, Kuching Branch. The details are as follow: Date: 21st...

  • Public Awareness Talk "Biodiversity Malaysia"

    Renowned biologist, Professor Emeritus Dr. Yong Hoi Sen will be presenting a talk entitled “Biodiversity Malaysia” at 7.30pm on 9 April 2014, a Wednesday, at the UCSI University Campus in Kuching. Click here for more info.

  • Public Talk: Marine Biodiversity as Starting Point for Drug Discovery and Development

    Speaker : Hendrik Luesch

  • Upcoming Talk on Proboscis Monkey in Sarawak

    Proboscis monkeys, a large primate with distinctive features between its males and females, are exclusively found in the rainforests of Borneo. The male Proboscis monkey is not only one of the largest monkeys in Asia but they are also one of the...

  • Public Talk on the Santubong Peninsula, A Geological Treasure Trove

    The Santubong Peninsula, situated on the mouth of the Sarawak River is dominated by the rainforest-clad slopes of Mount Santubong. The area offers a range of nature-based tours and activities that expose visitors to the mangrove forests, rivers, near...

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