Ann Anni Basik
Research Officer
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+6082-610610 ext. 120
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Miscellaneous Information:

Higher Education Background
Bachelor of Science with Honours (Plant Technology), Universiti Malaysia Sabah
MSc of Science (Environmental Science in Land Use & Water Resource Management), UNIMAS, 2009

Current Position & PLACEMENT
Research Officer – Microbiology R&D since November 2005

Job Description

  • Microbial isolation from soil and plant samples.
  • Characterisation of Actinomycetes
  • Endophytic Microbial Isolation.
  • Microbial seeding, fermentation and extraction.
  • Microbial storage and viability.
  • Microbial Taxonomical, Physiological and Biochemical Characterisation.
  • Fermentation Optimisation.
  • Antimicrobial screening for plant and microbial samples
  • Screening for anti-microbial compounds from essential oil, actinomycetes and fungi extracts against standard fungi, yeast and bacteria.
  • Reverse Mutagenicity Assay (AMES test) screening.
  • AMES testing on plant extracts and essential oil samples.
  • Microbial 16S rDNA/ ITS identification.
  • DNA extraction, PCR, Purification, Cloning, Sequence alignment & blasting.


  • Isolation of rare actinomycetes
  • Diversity study of actinomycetes isolated from different ecology
  • Characterisation of rare actinomycetes
  • Antimicrobial screening of plant extracts as potential preservative
  • Genetic, chemical and bioactivity characterisation of actinomcyetes isolates from Sarawak
  • SBC -Texas A&M anti-Mycobacterium tubercolosis screening




Poster Papers Presented

Genetic, Chemical and Bioactivity Characterization of Actinomycetes Isolates from Sarawak
22nd Pacific Science Congress, Kuala Lumpur, June 2011

Antimicrobial screening of selected Actinomycete strains isolated from Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Botanical Research Centre, Bako National Park and Gunung Gading National Park
Bio Johor 2010


Chief Executive Officer
KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights, Semengoh
Locked Bag No.3032, 93990 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 082 610610  |  Fax: +6 082 611535
Email: biosar[at]sbc[dot]org[dot]my

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