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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
  • First SBC's Public Awareness Talk of 2018

    We are happy to have Dr Mark Butler who have presented a talk entitled "The Impact of Natural Products on Medicine" here at SBC recently.
  • Welcome to SBC

    Another addition to SBC's family. Dr Mohd Farith Kota and Lai Sin Chai who are both research officers attached to Microbiology Laboratory and Traditional Knowledge Documentation Programme respectively. We wish them the best in their endeavours throughout at SBC.
    Farith Cindy
  • SBC's New Recruits

    We would like to welcome Dayang Syahreeny (Algae Research), Clifford Junaidi Kutoi (Analytical Chemistry) and Melissa Chang May Fung (Analytical Chemistry) to SBC. We hope they will enjoy pursuing their passion in research at SBC.
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SBC's Extraction laboratory is the first stop for dried plant samples that are collected from the field collection and from the local communities. All the plant samples will be processed at the Plant Preparation area. The process includes washing, sorting, cutting, drying and grinding the plant samples. The ground plant samples will be sent to the extraction laboratory.

Extraction Article

The Natural Product Database or NATPRO is located in the extraction laboratory. All the information, including the Traditional Knowledge on the plant will be stored here. Only authorized persons can access the NATPRO. All the plant extracts are stored in bar-coded amber bottles and  kept in three replicates for each plant sample.

The protocol for routine extraction is based on the NCI (National Cancer Institute) protocol. The extraction methodology is as follows:

  1. Plant Samples (Ground Plant Samples)
  2. Soak in methanol: dichloromethane in ratio 1:1 for 24 hours
  3. Filtration
  4. Concentrated using rotary evaporator
  5. Grude extracts


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Date updated: 19 January 2018.