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Saturday, January 20, 2018
  • Welcome to SBC

    Another addition to SBC's family. Dr Mohd Farith Kota and Lai Sin Chai who are both research officers attached to Microbiology Laboratory and Traditional Knowledge Documentation Programme respectively. We wish them the best in their endeavours throughout at SBC.
    Farith Cindy
  • SBC's New Recruits

    We would like to welcome Dayang Syahreeny (Algae Research), Clifford Junaidi Kutoi (Analytical Chemistry) and Melissa Chang May Fung (Analytical Chemistry) to SBC. We hope they will enjoy pursuing their passion in research at SBC.
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6 January 2018: Career oppotunities - SBC invites highly motivated and qualified candidates to fill the following positions. 

We do not have any news at the moment. 

We do not have any tender notices at the moment.

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Biodiversity can generate a wide range of interesting chemicals. Some plants exude aromatic essential oils which give off fragrances distinguished by volatile chemical compositions. Many of these plants have traditionally been used in medicines, as fragrances and flavours for food.

E Oil Article

In 2006 the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) started a project called "Development of Medicinal and Aromatic Oils from Sarawak's Indigenous Plants". The aim of this project is to inventorise, analyse and develop the medicinal and aromatic oils from Sarawak's biodiversity.

The goal of the project is to discover useful essential oils and to create a value chain from the supply of raw materials to the production of healthcare and medicinal products with the benefits going back to the communities  that have shared information on the essentials oil plants that they use.

To date, SBC has collected and analysed more than 100 different types of oils SBC is exploring partnership with multinational companies to evaluate their potential for healthcare, fragrances and flavours.

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Date updated: 19 January 2018.