• 1 Furfural: From biomass to high value chemical
  • 2 Silvestrol: A potent translation inhibitor as a reagent for research
  • 3 Bunga Ta'ang Oil: A Source for Natural Carvacrol
  • 4 LitSara Oil: A Source for Natural D-Limonene
  • 5 Camphor: A natural compound derived from medicinal and aromatic plant
Tk Core
Traditional Knowledge Documentation

Sarawak has over 36 different indigenous groups which can be….

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Rnd Core
R&D Biodiscovery

Sarawak is well-endowed with a diverse wealth of biological resources…

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Awareness Core
Awareness & Appreciation

SBC has recognised the importance of public awareness and appreciation…

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Biod Garden
Biodiversity Garden

The Biodiversity Garden Programme was implemented to support SBC’s Traditional…

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Natural Product Library


Unique natural products from Sarawak’s rainforest for discovery screening through agreements and collaborations.

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R&D Strength

Rnd Strength

Supported by 7 well-equipped and specialized laboratories (extraction, microbiology, molecular biology, plant tissue culture, analytical chemistry and bioinformatics)

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Conduct Research In Sarawak

Research In Sarawak

Planning to do research in Sarawak but having a lot of questions in mind?

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Research Spotlight

Research Findings

Our young scientists are passionate with their research work and happy to share their findings with you.

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Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge

Your communities' traditional knowledge are precious and need to be preserved and well-documented. SBC is here to facilitate and learn what are the benefits.

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Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge

Learn how and why SBC documenting the Traditional Knowledge of the State's indiginous communities and provides benefit sharing to the participated communities.

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R&D Biodiscovery

Rnd Strength

R&D is applied to the traditional knowledge resources to discover their potential in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and more.

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